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Beautiful Package

Beautiful Package

Beautiful Package Pricing Details

*Wipe down all counters and kitchen tables.
*Wipe down the outsides of all appliances
*Clean the inside of the microwave
*Wash dishes/load dishwasher
*Sweep and mop

*Wipe down all counters sinks, mirrors and faucets.
*Sanitize and wipe toilet clean.
* Though scrub of showers and bathtubs
*Shake out bathmats
*Sweep and mop

*Will dust all dust-able surfaces
*Will pick-up items on floor if needed
*Will vacuum/sweep

Living Rooms
*Will pick up and or straighten as needed
*Will vacuum, sweep and mop
*Will dust all dust-able surfaces without moving any items

Pictures and Wall Hangings
*Will dust all pictures and wall hanging
*Will wipe them down if desired
*Windowsills, Ceiling Fans, Cobwebs
*Will dust and damp wipe all windowsills in house
*Will dust all ceiling fans
*Will remove all cobwebs within reach

Spot Clean Walls
*Will Spot clean walls in the main living areas in the house.

*Will sweep/vacuum all other areas in the house
*Will mop all areas in the house
*Will dust all dust-able surfaces in house plus wall hangings and pictures



High Dusting – $45-60
Refridgerator – $15
Make Beds – $3 per bed
Inside Oven – $35
Blinds – $5-7 per blind
Inside Cupboards – $2 per cupboard
Inside oven, refrigerator & cabinets – $65
Window – $5-7 per window